Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Coffee Break

We are enjoying the beginnings of summer in Two Rivers. We are rotating the dogs through our three 'Play Pens'. Today Decaf and Creamer were in Pen #1 and Rodney and Ginger in Pen #2. Scruggs and Sandy spent the afternoon in Pen #3.
Here is a fun video:


Toni Tadolini said...

I enjoy how many experiences you offer your dogs! You are ever trying to enrich their lives. Thank you for giving us a peek. Happy Summer!

Dawn Engler said...

Decaf needs caffeine like a hole in the head! Love the coffee break!

Mary W said...


Padee McCrery said...

haha.. was half expecting Allen to say "Howdy, whats y'all doing"
Good to see ya and the pups.
coffee on!
Padee Fairbanks

Lisa&Charlene said...

So I read of Wells Fargo withdrawing Iditarod sponsorship in response to pressure from PETA. I'd like them to see this video....see the wonderful care and love that is provided to dog athletes. These are happy, healthy energetic dogs. For whatever it was worth, I wrote my own letter of protest to their Social Responsibility division (socialresponsibility@wellsfargo.com). I used Allen's analogy of a Labrador retriever fetching ball all day, it's what athey are bred to do, compared to huskies running all day; it's what they are bred to do.

This takes nothing away from this video, it was fun and great to see all 4 of you! Thanks for posting.


Margaret said...

How adorable!!! Thanks so very very much!!

As I sit here working (on my second cup of coffee) I am so impressed with the exciting surroundings in the "play pen."

Just imagine the adventure exploring multiple doghouses, measuring depressions to the play-pen's surface! ("Did we do this least year?" Scruggs perhaps may have asked Sandy - if #3 has the same features.)

What fun and more fun fun fun to come!!!

SP Kennel is the best in care and attention to 2 and 4 legged "team members!!!" Thanks again!!!

Anonymous said...

What a Handsome Photobomber!!

Cindy Schaus said...

Love it! Such happy pups!

Kathy said...

Great Video and Coffee Break! Love the stuff myself. Happy dogs
and even Allen appeared. How is Perky? Thanks again!

Kathy said...

Great video! Nice to see the coffee litter--up coming SP
Super Stars. Love coffee myself. How's Perky? Even Allen
makes his appearance! Thanks Again.

Barb, CO said...

I love every bit of this playpen/coffee break! the holes and sticks or bones, it is perfect. Another thing I liked is how quick they are. When you set down the coffee cup or Allen walked up they noticed but always went back to playing with you Aliy. What fun for them and us.