Monday, May 24, 2010

A Few Summer Photos

Hank will turn two years old this summer.

Dingle contemplates his chewed on nameplate.

Lil' Deb (front) and Olivia (rear) sunbathe in the yard.

Teddy yawns as she stretches out on her house.

Thursday, May 13, 2010

Did you guys "Drop Off the face of the Earth?"

Alive and well ...

We have no excuse ... really ... just the end of the dog mushing season blues and taking some time off.

Here is a quick recap starting from the last Blog Post.

Iditarod went well. Both the Red Team and the Black Team reached Nome with wagging tails and smiling faces.

Many of you folks know that SP Kennel operates Natural Extremes Mushing Adventure Trips after the racing season ends. This year, instead of our traditional journey to the North Slope of Alaska, we stayed on the Seward Peninsula and ran our trips directly out of Nome.

After some limited "couch time" the dogs and mushers were out on the trails again. For the next 3 weeks, we explored the traditional routes north and then west to Pilgrim Hot Springs. It was definitely challenging for all. And in the end, Mother Nature even got the best of us and ravaged Nome with a Spring blizzard. Luckily, the dogs and mushers were all in Nome (actually trapped in Nome for 3 days). And our final attempt to reach the Hot Springs was deemed impossible with 5 foot snow drifts and limited visibility.

We flew the dogs out of Nome the third week of April. During a window in blizzard conditions, Allen flew out first and waited for the dogs in Anchorage. Aliy was able to load the gear and huskies (of course with Bridgett's constant help) later that day. She then flew out that night. The entire entourage arrived in Two Rivers April 18th. (Exactly one month from when the Black Team arrived in Nome.)

Two Rivers was much closer to Spring - compared to the blizzard conditions we had just left. The dogs were delighted to get to their houses, roll in the dirt and sunbathe on their roofs. There was plenty to howl about now.

On April 22 nd, Allen and Aliy flew to Dallas, Texas for Mrs. Chevie McDonald's (Aliy's maternal grandmother) 90 th Birthday celebration. What a blast!

A few days later, they flew to Mexico (Baja) to visit their dentist and relax. The warm temperatures began to thaw them out.

Of course, when ever Allen and Aliy fly to the Lower 48, they swing by Arkansas and visit Allen's family.

So.... they're not exactly "Off the Face of the Earth", but they could see it!

So, enough about the humans ... what about the dogs??

The dogs are on vacation. They have a super caretaker - Fran. She was a helper at the kennel all winter and knows everyone very well. Kaz is acting as daily over site and has made several Vet visits (nothing major) and moved dogs in and out of pens and around the yard. The kennel's good friend and neighbor, Susan, keeps a mindful "ear" out for any disturbances as well. So, with this threesome, the kennel is in summer mode.

Mac is taking a well needed break as well. He and his invincible truck/camper combo "Darth" are on the move through out Alaska.

So, there you go....