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Monday, July 10, 2017

Quick Summer Tour Of SPK

This is a video we took in June.

Yes, that is Scruggs in the pen with Willie in the first frame - the day before he left for Anchorage.


Susan McCandless said...


Margaret said...

Thanks ever so much for this summertime (and the livin' is easy...love this song)tour - watching it over and over again!!!

But all the versions of the performances of the song mentioned can't match SP Kennel "summer video" - wonderful!!!

What a riot!!! SP Kennel is like one of the commercials for special getaways for families to unnamed islands - the "play pens" are like "villas" at a resort!!! LOVE Nacho's "man cave" and so happy to see Chena and brother Commando together!

Lovely shots of all the doggies and especially Scruggs, enjoyed himself in a play pen!!!

Thanks again!!!

Dawn Engler said...

Oh what a dog day afternoon there. Thank you for showing us around. Woof, Woof
PS Sigh of relief for Scruggs being found.

A-town's Becky said...

Yes, so happy Scruggs was found.
I hope he is adjusting to his new home. It must be difficult for some to adjust, after loving life so much at SPK.
Enjoy your summer Aliy. 72 degrees sounds like paradise right now. I would have to put a pool out for a husky at my place, or maybe we would all huddle by the AC unit.

Lisa&Charlene said...

Love it....and oh what a hole!! Until we can see the kennel in person, this is a great substitute!

Nessmuk said...

Ah...the dog days of summer at SPK!! Love it!! So glad Scruggs has been found...I dont think I could have watched this clip without crying like a baby if he was still on the loose!! Nacho....buddy....the ball still has its squeak!! Wow....you sure know how to make a toy last! Love 3 toed Waylon's barratone bark!! The swallows picked a nice place to live...they must like dogs! Thanks for the summertime post!! Stay cool!

Barb, CO said...

Loved seeing this, so many happy dogs and quite a few digging holes.

Anonymous said...

SP Kennel filled with Detention Basin designers?

Tom, Cindy, Beemer, Viper said...

I love Nacho"s "summertime house". Looks like our front yard. I think Beemer and Viper are trying to tunnel their way back to SPK to where it is a little bit cooler. It will hit 95+ again this week.

Wishing everyone at SPkennel a safe and "cool" summer.

Linda Toth said...

We have many of those summer-time holes ourselves. Good thing I did not care to landscape the back yard pen before Cutter moved in!